Sunday, October 19, 2008

A slow day

Well it has been a slow day.

T is still unwell, very hot and grumpy and wanting to be held all the time, even with medication. He seems to be working on cutting three of his double teeth at once poor little guy. So today was not a knitting day at all. Have been looking at various patterns on Ravelry for a lacy shawl though while he has dozed on me, he really didn't want to go down in his cot at all and who wants to argue with a sick 12 month old?

So as I said, a slow day, and I suspect that tonight will be spent on the bed in T's room with him beside me so that he can be comforted through the night again.


knitting sprouts said...

I am amazed you get any done at all! mine has an infected foot - what a carry on!

Bells said...

oh that doesn't sound very nice. But the looking for lace patterns does! Let us know when you find something!

Abbey Goes Design Scouting said...

ohh good luck with him!