Friday, October 10, 2008

Remind me never to listen to the IT man ....

Yes, under advisement of the resident IT man, who couldn't believe how slow my computer was running, we "fixed" it last night.

This involved
*removing the contents of my laptop to an external hard drive
*reformatting the hard drive
*reinstalling the operating system.

It has taken me until 3 pm to get internet access again because I am not a very good IT woman and thought I had reinstalled drivers but hadn't so the computer didn't know it had wireless.

But now I'm back. Or am I???

Yes I have internet access, but as yet I do not have
*bookmarks (oh man I'm screwed)
*passwords (see above)
*my photo shrinking software (still on external hard drive)
*scrolling enabled on the touchpad (very annoying when trying to scroll down a page without using keyboard buttons)

I will get there but don't have a lot of time this arvo to fix it.....thank goodness Google Reader is based somewhere else or I wouldn't have anything to read while feeding the baby!!!

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