Friday, October 17, 2008

One piece down...

Yes that's right, I have finished the first piece of the red moss stitch cardy. It is an interesting process choosing how to do each little bit: cast-on, edge stitches, decreases. Each one has an impact on the final result. The calculations for how long or wide each section needed to be was definitely aided by the presence of numerous cardies of the right size in my possession both worn by my own kids and ready for sale when I open the shop.
So without further ado, a back!
Oh and one of the best bits of working with a bamboo based get more length for the same weight compared with wool or cotton, so more knitting gets done from one ball. Always good :-)

1 comment:

BigCat said...

It's looking good. I love the colour and you have me interested in giving the Bamboo a go after reading all your posts about it.