Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's a lovely day today!

It is in fact a fabulous day today because today is my 35th birthday!

It has set me to wonder where I will be in a year's time and so I am setting myself some goals.

To lose 10-12kg. Now I'm not weight or diet obsessed, and never have been, but lets just say I have not been paying any attention to this for the last 12 months because I have been breastfeeding and have on a regular basis just been simply starving! But, the weaning is underway and I won't have the same energy requirements, so I'm going to need to pay attention or I might run into strife. 10-12kg would put me at a much healthier BMI and the best bit would be that my clothes might actually fit nicer!!!

To open my online store. This one is pretty self explanatory, I have most things all lined up but just need to knuckle down and make some decisions and follow through on them. I may just have to update my list of things to do on a weekly basis so that it is more fresh in my mind.

To cut my hair. Oooops done that last week!! So for any of you that have known me for any length of time you would know that I have had long (past shoulder length) hair for almost ever. We had a think the other day and realised it has probably not been this short for about 12 years. It took a bit of getting used to but I am really liking it now and am really glad I did it. As I go to bed each night I still reach up to take my hair out of whatever elastic/hairband/clip has been holding it for the day and realise that no, it is actually short!! So I suppose this one should be more 'maintain' my hair do!!!

To be on top of forms and other outside requests for information and time, e.g. kinder forms, school forms (new for 2009), rsvp's for invites, that sort of thing. Some of them have been slipping through the cracks and it has got to stop!!!!!!!!!!

To remember birthdays, even if it is only to send off a quick sms or email just so that the person knows that they are remembered and important to me.

That should do it. So see you in a year for an update on my progress (*grin*).

In other news, i.e. KNITTING, "No" you say, "not knitting on a knitting blog".......I finished the first sleeve of the purple bubblegum last night. Haven't cast on the next one yet, might do the other front first, I am finessing the one break in the yarn so I don't have a join along the side of a piece. So I need to have a sleeve and a side front complete so I can weigh them and see whether the currently incomplete side front is in fact enough yarn for a sleeve, or if I can make the remaining sleeve and front pieces from what is left on the ball. Anyway left front is next and that will answer all of the questions really. Glad I have an electronic balance/scale to help me in these challenges!!

And the rest of today...well the boys are building/constructing a garden bed for me as a birthday present today with their dad, the baby is asleep and I have a little bit of cutting and sewing to do....shhhhh don't tell the knitting needles :o) AND the two big kids are staying over at my sister's place tonight for a sleepover and we will leave the baby there while we go out for dinner, then pick him up on the way home, yes he still has a feed during the night so can't stay away from mum overnight yet, but he will soon. The kids are excited to be having a sleepover and I am excited they won't be home!!! Win, win all round really :-)

Have a great day!


BigCat said...

Good for you. That's a great list of goals. I'm going to do some goal setting during Blogtoberfest.

Bells said...

Happy birthday! They are some very good goals.

I cut my hair recently and felt much better for it. It wasn't even really long but long for me.

Good luck on the weight loss. I have the same goal and it's a toughy.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday! So glad to see it was a good one.