Monday, October 20, 2008

Gradual improvement

Well T continues to gradually improve, he wasn't so great this morning but was greatly improved this evening, even having a decent dinner, so hopefully he will sleep better tonight.

I have had a pretty good day too, we walked to kinder for both drop off and pick up today so Z was happy, T loves to go for walks in the pram and it isn't far so it's worth doing when we can. The boys have had their moments today both ups and downs, a whole heap of firsts today really: T climbed up the back steps for the first time (he still can't go down them) and he started cruising the length of the couch (holding on and walking), he does not yet stand unaided. Z's fun for the day was seeing how many things he could throw onto the roof of the garage, he succeeded with the frisbee and a small ball at which point he was banished to the other side of the yard until dinner time. We used the camcorder to record H swinging from a branch of the oak tree, his current favourite backyard passtime. The boys ate their dinner without coersion and J arrived home just as they were starting dessert so that left me free to go swimming which was lovely. The big boys were asleep when I got home, J cooked dinner and I got to play with a happy baby (a change from the last couple of days!!) until my dinner was ready.

After T went to bed I managed to sew a few seams for the navy bubblegum jacket. Will finish doing that tomorrow at S'n'B if T is well enough to go. I'm off to bed now to see if I can't catch up on some ZZZZZZZ's before T wakes again.

Hope everyone's knitting is doing good things for them!

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