Thursday, October 16, 2008

A design perhaps?

I needed to go to Spotlight today to purchase some fabric, I found what I wanted and was done in about 5 minutes flat and that was with two children in tow. It must have been a world record. The only problem was then I went to the yarn section....

I haven't been to Spotlight for quite a while, my LYS (local yarn store) furnishes a lot of my yarn, as does the internet. The other, commercial, yarn that I buy is from one of the two local Lincraft stores. Well.....I am a sucker for the bamboo yarns, the mixes and the 100% ers, the look, the feel, the drape of the fabric they knit up into, and there was this red. It almost had a touch of pink and it was calling my name, then there was a pale khaki green, and a dark purply blue....and I think you get the idea. There was some pure cotton in "natural" colours that had to come home with me as well. Yes J does know and his only comment was a wry "Well you'd better open the store soon then".

When I got home I had to get the needles out to do a swatch. I don't normally swatch, most of the things I knit are small enough that discrepancies in gauge don't make a lot of difference. But this was different. I want to knit a moss stitch cardy with the red Serenity DK (50/50 Bamboo/Cotton), it shows the stitches up so well, but the only pattern I have is for 4 ply so I didn't know how many stitches I'd need. So swatch time it was. 30 stitches and 15 rows later I had a fair idea of how many stitches I'd need for a 3 month size cardy, so I frogged the swatch.

Then I realised that I wanted to have a button hole band knit as part of the front rather than as an add on later and I want it to be plain. There's a crossover front cardy that I have made a couple of times that has something similar so I thought I might just use that style of band. Then I realised the pattern I was referring to has set-in sleeves and I prefer raglan for little people as it is easier to get limbs in and out so that also needs to be adjusted.

At this point I came to the realisation that I may in fact be creating my own design, it is pretty simple and has probably been done a thousand times before but it's a nice feeling to be able to change things you want and create something new and know that it is going to work! And it does beg the question: What constitutes a new design?

The original: 4 ply, moss stitch cardy with garter stitch collar and button bands added at the end with set-in sleeves.

The new design: 8 ply moss stitch cardy with plain button bands knit as part of the front pieces that will carry on around the back of the neck to join at the nape of the neck (possibly grafted), with raglan sleeves.

The only real similarity is the fact that it is a moss stitch cardy!!! There will be some calculating of decreases for the raglan shaping on the sleeves and body pieces and also for the neck shaping, but it should work out ok, will let you know how we go :-)

Of course I have cast on. Wouldn't you?


Bells said...

Oh I'm impressed! I can never let go of the handlebars and make stuff up. I freak out. Will look forward to seeing how it grows!

Drewzel said...

Mmmm that wool does look yummy. I'm not a good enough knitter yet to make my own stuff up ...I have to have a pattern, or it all goes horribly wrong!

I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx