Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well I have spent a fair amount of yesterday afternoon and most of the time I have had free today (the better part of the last 2 hours, multitasking, reading blogs, feeding T lunch, eating my own) untangling the ball of yarn I need to use for the remaining front piece for the cardy I am knitting. I knew when I was using the other half of the ball that it was getting a little tangled but since then I have had my knitting in and out of it's WIP storage location (more on the progression of knitting project storage soon) too many times obviously, because when I went to start knitting yesterday it took me a good 5 minutes to actually find the the untangling began. Silly me forgot to take a before picture and the after would just be a ball of wool so boring really. Have just checked the camera and there aren't even any pictures of this cardy in progress. Bad photographer, must remedy the lack of pictures and soon!!

Yesterday I found one of the cats in the evidence of the complete lack of domesticity that is my loungeroom. Do I get points for actually having washed the clothes/nappies in the first place?

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Lynne said...

I wonder what it is with knitters and cats?

Perhaps being a cat person rather than a dog person,I read mostly blogs of cat owners? LOL