Monday, October 27, 2008

Day 27 - The socks, the socks, they rock!!

Yes I have managed to start my first ever pair of socks and they are going to be beautiful!

Have a look:

I have just the right accessory too, one of Michelle's quilted sunnyboys!! It is perfect. The perfect size for my ball of wool and dpns.

Oh and the dpns came from my great grandmother's house after my great uncle passed away, apparently Granny Mac used to knit socks too!

Must go, need to knit my socks and watch Bones on TV. See ya tomorrow.


Georgie said...

Oooh, they *are* beautiful. And isnt the sunnyboy just the perfect sock-carting accessory?

But the best bit: "...need to knit my socks...." Haha, youre hooked!!

Bells said...

Those socks are going to be amazing. I can't get over the colour.

Nice sunnyboy too!

Bellgirl said...

What a beautiful colour! Soon you'll be sitting back and wiggling your toasty toes.

Thanks for dropping by my blog, I've entered you in my pendant giveaway. Happy Blogtober!

knitting sprouts said...

and rock they do - great work. I am sure they will be fantastic. I have to say I love my suny boy too. It goes everywhere with me.

Lynne said...

Oh what a treasure to have your great-grandmother's needles!