Sunday, October 26, 2008

Day 26 - My favourite knit

Well there seems to be a rash of "My favourite knit" happening at the moment, Bells, George and Rose Red have all had a dose, as have Julie and Kylie so I thought that considering the busy weekend that we have had has precluded knitting, I would show you my favourite knit!

Unlike the other ladies my favourite knit is not an item that I have made for myself, it is in fact the knit that I make most often for someone else. If you have been reading my blog at all regularly you will know that it is in fact the Bubblegum Jacket. And just to show you how much I love this knit here are some of the examples floating around my house at the moment:

Granted the navy and pale yellow on the left, the grey in the middle and the purple in the back on the right are all for the shop. The cream front and centre is in current use for T, he has that one on a couple of times a week (don't look too hard though, I made it from ACKrylic-god help me, when I was having a very pregnant brain moment while pregnant with Z, also it is covered in balls, me being too lazy to remove them). I own more but at least three are currently at my friend T's house with her baby just about fitting into a couple of them, they will return home when he no longer needs them. I actually have one that I knit for my niece when she was born, she is now 8 almost 9 and we have used it for all three of our kids and a couple of other friends kids in between as well and the pattern holds up so well. The green and purple on the right have both been sewn "inside out" because I felt like knitting the same thing at the time but wanted to look at something different!

Of the ones for the shop, my current favourite is the grey

Isn't it lovely? It is made from bamboo and looks and feels so soft and silky, yummy.

And why don't I have a favourite knit for myself? Well apart from a garter stitch scarf on really big needles I made a couple of years ago I haven't made anything for myself in years and years and years and you get the idea!!! But that is about to change because tomorrow I cast on for first pair of human size socks for myself and I can't wait!


Bells said...

That's a fantastic array of jackets!

So looking forward to your socks.

Melinda said...

All the best for you socks. Sounds like it's time you knit something for yourself :)

Lynne said...

I think "Bubblegum" definitely counts as a favourite! LOL