Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 24 - Confession.

I'm not so good at keeping my Ravelry lists up-to-date.

Does anyone else refer to their blog to determine when they cast on and off projects? I do it all the time. I suppose it is partly because my projects are generally small so they don't take long from start to finish. I have come to the point of relying on the fact that I have written it in my blog so that when I go to Ravelry to update it I have my blog open in another window to check start and finish dates and how many projects! Don't ask when I last did an update. I'm at least three if not 4 projects behind. Should I count wash cloths as projects? They use up stash and time so they really should but it does seem a little ridiculous. I have worked out that if I add the stash photo* and details to Ravelry and then the project I can use up stash as I go, bit of a cheat but at least it's getting some of the stash on there!

I worked out today that the stay awake wash cloth I knit the other day cost me about $2. That's cheaper than buying one and it served the priceless purpose of keeping me awake when I really needed to be. Please forgive the terrible photo but here's the proof!

Two things of note, first knitting 8ply cotton on 4.5mm needles results in a soft wash cloth but also one that finds it hard to stay in shape. It's 8 ply, why did I use 4.5mm needles??? I'm shaking my own head in wonderment, honestly. This wash cloth went straight into the bathroom and has been used to wipe off all sorts of mess off kids faces and rinses out nicely so I'm happy. Secondly, I really need to use knitting graph paper when setting up a picture so it doesn't go all short and wide on me when it is knit! I have a really good one bookmarked, put in your tension and it generates a pdf of the right scale graph paper-brilliance, just need to find the link, ah there it is! Now I just have to see if my computer will talk to the printer so I can print it.

Today has not been a knitting day at all, it has been a busy day:

H had his first grade Prep introduction session this morning at his school for next year. He was there for two hours and in that time he made himself and me matching beaded bracelets and he coloured in a "Rainbow Fish" complete with silver foil scale (If you don't know it, the Rainbow Fish books are great, check them out at your local library or bookstore, the kids love them). He really seemed to enjoy it. The next session is next Friday.

While H was away T had a nap and Z and I baked chocolate chip cookies. Thanks Big Cat for the recipe, they worked out brilliantly. I am on the hunt for chocolate chip cookie recipes. My kids love to cook but not really to eat what we make, but they do eat chocky chip cookies so if you have a recipe you love, send it along to or just leave it in the comments. We will make all of the cookies and give ratings!

This afternoon was H's turn at his grandparents, so when we got home from dropping him off, Z and I got out the overlocker and some fabric and another IKEA quilt and made two more "cheat" quilts. This time for the twins (friends, not mine!!!), whose party is tomorrow afternoon. They worked out well and have been washed and line dried this afternoon ready for gifting tomorrow.

Dinner was at my in laws tonight and it was a birthday tea for J including an apple cake for birthday cake and a pineapple carrot cake as well, lovely. The boys fell asleep in the car on the way home and transferred straight into their beds so all is quiet here I might just skim a couple more blogs courtesy of Google reader and then head off to bed. Looking forward to a warm weekend (*grin*).

*I have taken photos of all my stash (except for last weeks little episode at Spotlight) but they are now on the external hard drive where they were placed when we reformatted my laptop's hard drive. This means that they are now one step further away from being dealt with :-(


Georgie said...

take comfort - I am utterly hopeless at keeping Rav up to date too! Lots of small projects and limited time.....*love*the idea, lack the follow-through!

Will email you my choc chip cookie recipe sometime soon!

Anni said...

I'm useless at keeping Ravelry projects up to date. I list all my own designs on my designer page but I'm useless at the projects page. I can't list it all on my blog iether as some of it is secret. LOL. Love the dish cloth. I must do some more soon.

Bells said...

I really, really rely on Rav now. I suppose I have more time than the mums of small babies etc. It so helps me keep track in a way a notebook never does.

Lynne said...

Be careful when using graph paper - the spaces are square. Stocking stitches are not; the ratio is approximately 3 rows to two stitches. That's probably why your design is slightly distorted.