Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blogtoberfest - The penultimate day

I have a sock and I am not afraid to wear it!!!


Isn't it beautiful?

Had to do the toe shaping twice because it occurred to me to try it on before binding it off and they just felt a little too short, so I pulled back the shaping and added 6 more rounds of knitting then redid the toe shaping. I even checked there was enough yarn left on the ball to knit the other sock! I used the "knitting" kitchener stitch (from TECHknitting) to bind off, sewed in the ends and I was done. Lovely. I am now grinning from ear to ear as I contemplate casting on for the second sock and wonder whether the colour bands will fall in similar places or whether they will be completely different like the triad of socks Bells and Rose Red did with their friend Brown Pants recently.

I'm off to cast on before I have to think about dinner for the kids....


Lynne said...

They're lovely. I wouldn't worry about whether you end up with identical or fraternal twins - who will really notice?

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some words of encouragement.

My word verification was "fityrrib" - is that rribs that fit? or rribs for footy socks? LOL

Michelle said...

I wrote a comment and blogger ate it!

Anyway, I love the colours. LOVE the colours. I reckon I wouldn't care if the socks didn't match as I'd be so distracted by the yarn!

Bells said...

oh, so good. I can't get over that yarn. It's beautiful.

And you sound so very proud - as you should be!

Georgie said...

Go you good thing! Nice work, and I love the yarn too! I hope the second one falls off the needles as easily as the first.

Amy said...

Looks great! I love the colours.

It's a bit sad that you started this sock and finished it in 3 days whereas my Aussie sock is going on 3 months! It's sitting on the end table staring at me as I type. I really must work in it again, soon...

See ya at SnB on Wednesday. :)