Friday, October 31, 2008

Blogtoberfest day 31- the end

Today is the last day of Blogtoberfest and I'd like to say thank you to Big Cat for hosting, it has been interesting reading a whole new set of people's blogs courtesy of the festival goers list on her blog.

I have made it to the end without missing a day despite coming close a couple of times! With the odd family illness, some knitting, school orientation for my eldest, it has been a pretty busy month.

Of course to cap it all off I am coming down with some sort of hayfever/cold to take with me for a long weekend at the beach with the in-laws. I have already resorted to Panadol to try to reduce the face ache and the pressure in my jaw and ears. The kids have been told mum is sick please play nicely and it is sort of working (as much as it ever does!). I have had to call J to ask him if there was anything important I was supposed to do today as I simply can't remember, he said H to school orientation and drop off his friend D at childcare after, which I had managed to remember thanks to writing it on my hand last night before climbing into bed. Oh and to fill out H's ELVS study form which I should get to at some point.... The baby has just woken cranky he must need lunch. The panadol must be kicking in, I can feel the fog lifting.

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and for those Melbournites taking the extra day a wonderful long weekend!! I am taking my second sock to knit on the weekend while sitting at the beach, today I'm knitting another keep me awake face washer because that's all my brain can manage. So on Tuesday or Wednesday there should be some finished objects perhaps!!!


Tiggy Johnson said...

Congratulations on making it through Blogtoberfest. Excellent effort. Hope your weekend is great and that you feel better real soon.

Georgie said...

Well done on making it through! Enjoy your long weekend and that you're feeling more human soon. And that the wee ones kep playing nicely until you do ;-)

Bells said...

Good work - you made it too! Great fun.