Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogtoberfest day 14 - Close call

Was heading off to bed and realised I had not yet posted for Blogtoberfest!!! Oops.

Today was S'N'B Rosanna so I spent a lovely hour knitting with the girls, they were a very chatty bunch today, you could hear them as you approached the fruit and veg store, it was lovely to hear so many happy voices. I turned up late as I actually managed to get all the forms together for H's school application!! (Don't ask when it was due, just note that as per my Birthday list, a form has been completed and sent off to the relevant people, 4 forms in fact, does that count for more??)

I worked on the second sleeve for the navy cardy and completed it at home early this afternoon while T was sleeping. Only one side front, seaming and collar to go, not far now. Have also decided that I will probably just use the pattern on the Jitterbug ball band to make me a pair of socks, now I need to work out which size.....

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