Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blogtoberfest the 23rd!

It's a busy day at our house today. It is J's thirty somethingth birthday and after the kids gave him his presents this morning (apparently I was snoring away) he headed off for a fun filled Thursday at work! Well I hope it is fun filled but the chances are that won't be the case, he works in a company that does stuff for stockmarket trades so with all the kerfuffle on the stock markets at the moment they are busy keeping on top of everything!

This means that theoretically it is Birthday tea tonight. Sorry no hints, he occasionally checks my blog and fair chance he'd check today on principal looking for hints. The kids want to help make birthday cake so that will be happening soon I think. J doesn't like icing but I think I have a way of getting around that.

So I should finish cleaning the kitchen :-p

Before the baby wakes up.

Oh and yes I got some ace sleep last night, thank you everyone for your well wishes for T, he must have heard the sleep wishes because he was in bed at 9pm and only up the once at 2.30 am and then slept until 8am so YES I got sleep and am so much the better for it! He is almost back to normal with all of his food and drinking again so hopefully we should get some more nights like last night.

And on to the Southern Summer of Socks. I took the advice of Bells and looked up the Knitty tutorial on socks and today made a tiny sock while sitting outside with the boys.

The yarn looked like this

before we rolled it up into this

and now the "sock" looks like this

and there is still most of the ball left....

Maybe if I made it just a little longer before the toe decreases it might fit T. Note: I have not sewn in the ends as I am not sure I will keep this sock, it will probably get frogged, but it was definitely worth doing as I learnt a couple of good things.

1. Follow the instructions even if they do seem a tad weird (thanks Jan).

2. When it says "k1, ssk" it helps if you do remember to do the k1 as then the decreases sit better.

this side I forgot the k1

this side I remembered the k1PS I can see the difference!!!

3. ssk (slip1 knitwise, slip1 knitwise, insert left needle into the fronts of these two slipped stitches, and knit them together) actually means k2tog tbl (or knit 2 together through the back of the loops), it took me a bit to work it out and then I realised that the instructions were American and we obviously use different terminology. I will double check with someone who knows but it certainly sits the way I think it should so I'm happy!

So the practice sock is done, I have tamed the prickly porcupine that is knitting with 4 dpns I may almost be ready for a real sock, but first, DINNER!


Carol said...

I just saw your post on SSoS. This was the pattern I started with last year!! I thought I'd never work out dpns and now I can knit socks. It's a miracle (in my mind).

Anyway I struggled with the ssk too. And found my way to this site which I have used time and time again watching the video to see it in action. Hope it helps :-)

Georgie said...

Well done on the sock! Isnt the turning of the heel just a little bit of magic?I never get tired of it!

Have fun with the cake baking and dinner tonight!

knitting sprouts said...

what a great way to learn socks - and good news about the sleep, it makes such a diference doesn't it

Lynne said...

SSK and knit through back of loop are NOT the same thing. SSK turns the stitches and they lie flatter. In the end it doesn't matter which you use but should you ever choose to knit something for competition, be consistent.