Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blogtober 2nd!

Finished the reknit of the silk blanket just now. It does not appear to have a glaringly obvious stripe across the middle now under inside lighting conditions, but I will wait for the light of day before inspecting and photographing it. I am hoping though that it is all fixed now. There is still some variation in colour and in texture as well which as far as I am concerned is just a factor of being made from tussah silk, it was just having an unintentional stripe in an odd position that put me off, and led to the frogging!!

The boys have had a pretty good day today, H and Z both completed a row or two of their knitting, they can't do it by themselves yet but love to sit on my knee and have help in completing rows. They only have 20 stitches, so it doesn't take long to do 1 row and progress is slowed mostly by me forgetting to ask them if they want to do some or not.

I have had a pretty busy and fruitful day today. Finally got around to the handwashing, don't ask how long it has been piling up, I have lost track (ooops!!). Sorted out some of T's room, he's about to change clothes sizes so I have more work to do in there in the next week or so. Many other things that have been hanging around for weeks were finally dealt with including a couple of forms that needed to be filled in and returned to their respective sources. The big boys played nicely in the bath this evening, I kept them company by sitting in the corner knitting while keeping an eye on T who loves being in the bath so much there was a fairly high risk of him trying to dive in!! In the end he just decided to pull on my knitting needles I think he likes how they wave around.

So I should have a photo or two tomorrow of the finished silk blanket and maybe a progress shot of the purple bubblegum.

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BigCat said...

I think knitting with your boys like that is so sweet. And how great that they learn about it.