Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogtober 28 - the socks progress

Well it was S'N'B this morning and while master T amused himself, got cranky and then amused a little girl who was having a babycino with her mum, I worked on my sock. I eventually got into a rhythm and was powering along. Got to 6 rows short of the heel flap.

Stopped at Woolybutt to pick up some navy buttons for the Sublime cardy. The bugger is starting to pill. It's never been worn or washed and it is pilling. I'm a bit pissed. It doesn't make sense, the other cardy I made using this yarn didn't pill. What is going on? Oops just checked the labels and this one is Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk DK and the other was Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK, who knew that adding a word made a difference to the structure of the yarn. I'm going to have to check where I got it from and see if they know if others have had it pill on them. It's probably the cashmere, I'll have to see if I can de-pill it, otherwise I'm not sure what I will do with it. I had the same pilling problem with Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino and once the original round of pilling was over it has been beautiful ever since, so I will investigate and hope.

Dinner tonight was spinach and ricotta canneloni and a salad using spinach and lettuce from my FIL's garden, D was here for T, but C is over in Calgary for a conference so she has missed out! There are leftovers which will make their way into the freezer for a lazy dinner one night in the coming weeks. "Talked" to C on the computer today, she has had a very busy day starting at 7am and ending at 10.30pm with 30 min to herself for a swim at one point so she will probably sleep well. I hope so.

T is sleeping much better now that he is feeding less often and eating more during the day, he still gets up at least once during the night but he is settling well and letting me sleep a bit better too so things are improving on the sleep deprivation scene.

Oh and I am doing the heel flap now, finished the last 6 rows of the leg piece while watching the Buffy episode "Hush" and divided for the heel so it is all moving along nicely now. Can't watch the "Hush" episode with C here because it freaks her out, but the boys love it so it was the episode of choice tonight. Our other real favourite is the Musical episode "Once more with feeling" we even have the soundtrack on disc to play in the car on long trips.

Heading to bed before T wakes up for his "middle of the night" feed, 3 more days of Blogtoberfest and then it is November, where has the time gone?


Bells said...

I sing along to every song from Once More with Feeling - it makes me feel so happy!

Georgie said...

Your first heel already - fabulous progress! I love S&R cannelloni, one of my faves.

I must get on board with this Buffy thing, see what everyone's on about....;-)