Monday, September 22, 2008

Where are we at?

So where are we at? Time for an update. I am so behind on keeping everything up to date. Sidebar WIP's, ravelry, all sorts of things really so here is a small portion of what I need to update:
The bamboo face washer that I designed a pattern for, pattern came out pretty much as I wanted, but do you notice anything in particular about the top edge? Yeah no needles. Why? Other thing about that top edge, it's about 3 lines short of the end and oops I've come to the end of the yarn. It is the second half of a ball, but even though my scales said 12g for each obviously this is the almost 12g piece and the other was the closer to 13 g piece (25g ball). Bugger. Will probably frog the lot and take out the spacer line at the start and finish and maybe one of the ones in the middle as well and we should make it. I like the daisy, got a bit of a thing for daisies really and will probably make quite a few of these over time. Thought of some tweaks to the pattern on the first run so will incorporate them when I do the rerun.

Next comes the bubblegum jacket being knit with Colinette Jitterbug in the Velvet Bilberry colourway, it comes out a tad blue in this photo, I'll get it right for the finished item. So this is the back piece and this view is the outside of the back or "right" side.

This on the other hand is the "wrong" side

that looks like we need a closeup really, hang on....left="right" side, right = "wrong" side

Ok so the girls last Tuesday at S'N'B Rosanna thought they liked the "wrong" side better, I have made this one up both "right" side and "wrong" side out at various points. Will have to decide which one shows up the shading in the purple better I think. If I do this pattern again with this yarn I might actually go up a needle size as this is knitting up quite firm compared to usual, probably a factor of the tight twist in the sock yarn.

(just had to close the Jitterbug webpage, too many things to tempt me, lovely, lovely colours.)

Last but not least the silk blanket is being rejigged. I received the final skein that I needed last week and after coming back to the piece I had completed felt that it was a bit densely knit and a bit coarse feeling, so I am knitting it again on 6mm needles as I slowly frog the piece I had already completed. It feels a little softer in a good way and it is sliding off the needles a little easier now and not sqeaking as much although J still was grinning away "under his breath" as I was knitting on Saturday night. So that is half done as well.

Lots of projects on the go for me, quite unusual really, I'm normally a one project kinda girl, that's what happens when you become a part of a bigger community I suppose, you get exposed to different ideas like UFO's are ok!!!

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