Sunday, September 7, 2008

Silk Blanket

Well after assessing the state of the stock cupboard, there is a pretty even spread of colours, sizes and designs in both the cardy's and the hats so it's time for something new.....

Pulled out 2 skeins of spiced chocolate tussah silk (and yes I did just check that out on wikipedia but didn't find a definition. Google came through though). The picture doesn't show the depth of the colour it is more of a rich burgundy brown...I bought it online at A Stranded Yarn and when it came it was better than I expected.

So I am knitting a blanket to be used in a pram or while baby is in a carseat, so I will have to see how far the silk goes. Just keeping it plain stocking stitch with a garter edge, the silk has variation in its thickness so it is providing the interest, it is looking a little rustic. Beautiful. Also has the halo effect of silk happening as well, this blanket is going to look great!

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Bells said...

Lovely! That'll be beautiful!