Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post attempt #2

Bugger it my laptop froze and I lost it so here we go for round two!!!

Well after last weeks houseboundness, we are out and about again. Somehow I ended up being the only one who didn't have a stomach complaint-go figure. But all the sickies are over it and the baby is slowly regaining some of the weight he lost (4 days with no solid food makes for a waif :-( not so good).

I had a lovely surprise on Monday when my package from Michelle arrived. T helped me unpack it, taking each item out of the package and saying "Ta" as he handed it over (VERY cute), so what did we have??? Another skein of the spiced chocolate silk so I can make the blanket that bit longer so that it is more functional, will have to fit that in sometime.

What else??
Oh some of this

and a bit of this

and just a little bit of this

And the plans? Well the purple will be a double knit blanket like the spiced chocolate, the gold/orange will be a single knit blanket (so a little lighter) and the red, well probably something small, there isn't heaps of it, maybe I'll play with some really big needles and make it into something more shawl like...hmmm still thinking on that one. Oh and just too make them even more yummy, they are all silk. Thanks Michelle it was a lovely package to receive after the busy time we had last week, it is nice to have some planning to do!

Many thanks to those who have left comments over the last few days, your thoughts and well wishes have made me feel very welcome in the blogging world. Thanks especially to Bells who tagged me for the meme, I have found so many more wonderful blogs to read by checking out the others she tagged and the ones that were then tagged....

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