Friday, September 12, 2008


I am pleased. "Pleased?" you say, "yes, pleased," I answer.
Now why would I be pleased??? I have sooooo many things to be pleased about:
The baby only woke once during the night so I've had a decent nights sleep,
H slept through,
Z woke once for the loo and went straight back to bed,
I awoke this morning to warmth-the sun and the breezes,
the washing is drying on the line at high speed,
the baby is sleeping,
the big kids are catching ants and other crawlies to inspect in H's bug magnifier (read-they are leaving me in peace, after days of having sick children crawling all over me this is heaven),
I have decided what I am going to do with the frogged face washer and
best of all we had a quick trip out this morning in the wild wind AND PICKED UP MY LABELS!

They are beautiful, exactly what I wanted, simple, the artwork transposed nicely and they were done with no fuss or bother by Akie labels in Thornbury and they cost a fraction of what some of the other places I had quotes from wanted. Thanks to Gaye for providing me with their details.

Do you want to see???

It feels funny to go and photograph something that I have a digital design of so maybe if I show you both?

Hang on I"ll just get the camera you go, aided and abetted by Z and his grubby fingers because the wind kept blowing it off the table! Gives you an idea of the size of the label too since he is only 3 and his fingers look pretty big right there.

and here is the digital design.

As I said VERY happy with the results so off I go, there are necklines and hat bands to attach these to :-) (yes that is me grinning from ear to ear).


Bells said...

Oh you should be pleased! I like it a lot.

Bells said...

you've been tagged! See my blog!

Alison Boon said...

I like your labels. Very snazzy.

Lynne said...

The labels are gorgeous. I can see why you were pleased.