Thursday, September 11, 2008

Plans...what plans???

Well so much for plans. I haven't picked up my labels yet, nor have I posted off the cardy as I have had two sick kids for the last three days and was not putting either of them in the mess off polished floors is much easier than out of a car!

So T was pretending he was getting better on Tuesday and spent Wednesday returning any food I gave to him about 10 minutes later, not only that but H started on Tuesday night about midnight and J was up with him for about 3 hours until the worst ended and H could sleep again. He spent yesterday on the couch watching lots of ABC kids and Shrek and Nemo DVD's. He seems to be all better today if the energy levels are anything to go by. T is currently asleep but I'm not holding my breath, he has kept everything down today and is starving, so keeps getting grumpy for more food.

I decided that between keeping track of two low energy, sick children and one highly energetic 3yo who somehow has managed to stay well, the knitting would have to be limited to face washers!!! 20-30 stitches and essentially no pattern so putting it down would mean I wouldn't get lost and have to search for where I was up to all the time. This worked and I have 2.5 face washers done, although I think the half finished one will have to be frogged as I am running short of yarn and it won't be square.

Quick trip outside to take photos and...

first up is a hot pink number garter stitch

Next up is a bamboo washcloth in a orange/pink multi comes as 4ply and I have knit it doubled on 5.5 mm bamboo needles (Cleckheaton 100% bamboo)

and last but not least we have the work in progress, which as you can see is not going to make it to square, so it will probably be frogged so stay tuned for what it evolves to!

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