Sunday, September 28, 2008

Party time

Today was T's first birthday party, his actual birthday isn't until Tuesday but having a party then wouldn't work, so today it was. We had lovely weather, good food and lots of friends and family present and T had fun playing with all of his new stuff!

Have had a busy week, school holidays means no kinder so we have had more things to do to keep children busy. This has left less time for knitting, but have managed to fit a little in.

Have finished knitting the silk blanket, just need to sew in the ends and it is done.

Have finished the back of the purple bubblegum jacket and cast on for one of the fronts, think I will have a go at that this evening and see how much I can get done.

Feel like I haven't done much knitting recently, have been organising stickers and business cards for the shop just need to decide on what size to make the stickers and I can put that order through and be one step closer to opening! Getting there it is just a long slow process :-)


happyspider said...

PS. I've been reading yours too ;)

Bells said...

sometimes life just gets in the way of knitting, doesn't it? I try really hard not to let it happen too often because I just get grumpy!