Friday, September 19, 2008

Jeweled balls

I spent my very few and far between spare moments yesterday and the slightly more abundant ones last night (post kids bedtime) converting skeins of silk into balls for knitting. Do you know what? Now I have a pile of jeweled balls with which to play. They are so soft and shiny and full of traces of other colours.The red ones are a lot smaller than the others and they shed a lot of bits when I was rolling them up, Michelle suggested using them as accents of colour on something rather than as a fabric, so I will have a think on that and see what I come up with.

Forgot to say the other day that apart from being silk they are in fact recycled silk, some of it comes from sari's that have seen better days and other bits from leftovers from other manufacturing processes. Don't be alarmed, the yarn is gorgeous, clean, lustrous, amazingly eye catching and as an extra bonus by using it I am helping to recycle what was otherwise waste from a relatively limited supply of silk (poor silk worms, this way their hard effort gets appreciated for even longer!).

Still have one left to roll up might do that when the kids go out to play this morning.

Z gets to play at his grandparents this afternoon before we all join him for dinner, so maybe H and T and I will do some gardening, if the rain holds off that is....

Have a lovely day.


Michelle said...

Have fun knitting with the sari silk. I had two gorgeous hanks and failed miserably (not a very good knitter). Mum ended up having a go and they scarves look gorgeous, but she said the yarn was very twisty and got knotted easily (which was why I gave up!)

The end product though is beautiful - it's my kind of novelty yarn!

Lynne said...

Beautiful yarn in jewel-like colours!

Time to get yourself a ball winder, eh?