Monday, September 8, 2008

The blanket is growing...

Well we are 18 cm in to making the silk blanket and to try and get a better idea of the colour for you I decided a reference of milk chocolate callebaut buttons might help!!!

it at least shows that the colour isn't a standard brown and some of the richness is more obvious, a closeup of the stitches gives you an idea of the "rustic"ness of the fabric.

We were quite amused last night as I was knitting, odd looks from J kept coming my way because as I was knitting the silk on my bamboo needles, it squeaked! Well squeak isn't quite right, more like creaked, it reminded us of someone wearing leather pants walking past!!! So I'm keeping J amused as I knit these days, just adding to my multitasking abilities :-)

Not sure if I will make it to s'n'b tomorrow, the baby isn't quite right, he did some vomiting during the night and this morning and we aren't sure whether he has a bug, whether his cough is causing him to gag or whether all the pulling to standing yesterday has resulted in worn out tummy muscles that result in vomits when he burps/coughs. His breakfast rebounded (straight down my cleavage-yucko-thank goodness I hadn't showered yet) but a feed and a light lunch seems to have stayed with him so far so we will see how he goes.

Hope you all have a great week.

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Bells said...

Beautiful. Looks absolutely gorgeous.