Saturday, September 6, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #7 update

Well the verdict is in the hat is a winner!

Granted J looks almost like he is about to go hold someone up, but he is happy with the hat and that is what counts.

So vital statistics: 1 ball of Eki Riva Supreme 4 ply alpaca on 2.75 and 3.25 mm needles, circumference 61cm (for future reference I would actually make it slightly smaller so that it would have to stretch just a little to fit, instead of fitting exactly). Actually not the whole ball even, there are leftovers for another day.

Ummm what else oh yes, had a very busy day yesterday grocery shopping and preparing dinner for the in-laws and the BIL and the rest of my little clan so didn't get much of a chance to knit during the day so had to take it out with me to dinner last night with my little sister and she graciously allowed me to keep her out until the stroke of midnight just so I could finish sewing it together in time to make the 7 day deadline. We went right down to the wire. If we hadn't have been gossiping quite so much I might have remembered to have it out a bit more often and I would have had it done earlier in the night but I'm not fussed, it was midnight, it was done, so all good :-)

So "what next?" I hear you ask, hmmm maybe a silk blanket, have some that's probably a little coarse for a garment but would do well as a car or pram blanket, think I'll keep it pretty simple if I go with that, or maybe I need to go and count how many of what size cardy's I have in the stockpile and even it out somewhat. Don't think I need to do any more hats for a little while (*grin*) but now I know just how quickly/slowly I can get some together so it has been well worth the challenge! Will have to go look at the stash, also need to update my ravelry projects to include all the hats and need to upload all my stash as well, have taken all the photos it's just a matter of time and perseverance to get it all updated really.

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