Thursday, September 4, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #6

Well it is day 6 and how are we going you ask? Slowly is the answer.

J's hat is coming along, the band is finished and I am probably halfway through the length, but it is pretty slow going knitting all those 161 stitches in 4 ply yarn. Much slower than I'm used to considering I normally knit for very little people not full grown adults.

J has inspected the progress and has expressed a liking for the results. He likes the softness of the alpaca and is impressed by the fact that even though it does feel light and almost "thin" it will be so warm. Have asked if there are any special requests in the construction and he came up with two.

1/ He is happy to have a folded over band but could I stitch it down in a couple of places so it stays there? I'm pretty sure I can comply on that one, and

2/ Can I make it so it doesn't pucker up and down around the crown? I will endeavour to do this, I personally don't like that either so had planned on trying to avoid it. Hopefully I won't have to pull anything out because it takes so long to knit I don't think it will be nice to have to pull it out again!

So that's where we are up to, I am going out for dinner tomorrow night with my little sister and am preparing dinner for everyone else before I go tomorrow so I'm hoping I'm going to be able to get the hat done before I leave because I don't plan on being home particularly early :-) Will let you know how we go, it' s looking ok, it just depends on how much time the kids let me knit during the day tomorrow.......

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