Tuesday, September 2, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #4

Well hat no# 5 is off the needles and all stitched up, had to frog it at s'n'b this morning as I realised I had cast on on the wrong size needles, had only done a couple of rows so no major dramas there. I love the colour of this one it is slightly darker/deeper in reality but this is pretty close. The gumnut effect is more pronounced in the smaller hats.

This one is very small to fit a prem baby (head circumference 30cm), knit from Trends by Patons machine washable "Real Wool" 100% wool in 5ply on 3.25mm needles. I bought this so long ago, it has been sitting as an odd ball in the stash so I thought it would be a good candidate for both stash busting and a hat. Have ended up with a little left over, maybe a stripy hat with the rest??? Will have to see.

So we are definitely on track for 7 in 7.

Have to go hang out the washing and make the tomato sauce for the spinach and ricotta canneloni we are having for dinner tonight, C&D are at our house tonight, then off to pick up the big boys from childcare.

T has had a fabulous day chatting up the girls at s'n'b this morning and scooting around all arvo getting into his brother's toys without them taking stuff out of his hands, he is currently putting casino type coins in and out of a set of drums that he has tipped upside down. Now he has emptied them out and is playing the hand drums!!! Clever chicken :-)

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Bells said...

oh gumnut hat! So cute! Loving watching these appear.