Monday, September 1, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #3

Well the end of day 3 sees me one hat up!!! That's right I have finished 4 hats, the washing is done, the kitchen is clean, the kids have been fed and played with and I have finished 4 hats.....yes I am somewhat surprised.

So hat #3 was knit from Jaeger Baby Merino that I bought quite a few years ago now. It's an 8ply knit on 4mm needles following the same pattern as before. This one is 3 month old size.

Hat#4 was a double knit, a combination of Merino Bambino rainbow multi 4 ply and Biggan Design DK (8 ply) in bright orange (Z picked it, he said "I like orange, it's my favourite"). Knit on 4.5 mm needles. It has ended up very bright, the photo doesn't quite do it justice. I might see if I can get a better picture tomorrow in daylight. Oh and it's newborn size.

That leaves two prem size ones to go and the hat for J. Cast on for one of the prems this evening, will take it to s'n'b tomorrow and see how far I can get!!

Oh and I nearly forgot, some things I found in the garden yesterday:

a violet in hiding

barely opened jonquils

a self sown lettuce

and plum blossoms

it is funny what pops up when you aren't looking!

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Bells said...

beautiful flowers. Are you sure that's a violet? It looks from that angle like a winter iris. I'm rather partial to those.