Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to the house of serious sleep deprivation!

Well that was a good start to the day...posting a title to the blog and no content!! Maybe you can guess the state of my awakeness/awareness!

I'm pretty sure J will be sleep walking at work today as he was up numerous times to H during the night and I was up at least 5 times to T who for some reason wouldn't stay asleep. Z climbed into our bed at about 5am and I didn't have the energy to take him back to his room so I had to climb over him to get out when T cried himself awake again at 6am. Finally gave up on it all at 6.40am and all five of us were up by 6.50am....way too early to start the day after what feels like no sleep during the night!

On to much nicer things....the boys and I photographed most of the stash yesterday

H wanted to have a green ball so the alpaca it was, and Z wanted purple and so got some more alpaca!! Good choices boys!

Hopefully I will be able to get some of the pictures onto Ravelry in my stash section so I can keep track of it all a little easier.
It's not the world's biggest stash but it is growing....
Not sure how much time there will be today for stash updating...maybe while they are eating lunch.
Am half way up the back of the baby's cardy, it is looking good!

P.S. T was awake when I went back inside the other day so I didn't get to the labels and still haven't. Must get to that soon.

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