Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, can someone remove the hex????

I think I must have a hex over me. I am a person who has enjoyed reasonable health for my whole life but now, in the last 7 months I have been hit by all sorts of misfortune in the form of someone trying to tell me something?

You'd think you would be safe in your own home but apparently not me, no. I tripped over my own feet and the highchair all in one go whilst answering a call from the backyard for help from the "big boys". Thankfully they were ok just wanting to come inside but I had to catch my breath before getting to them. Oh and yes I dislocated and relocated my elbow again...hence the need to catch my breath and also wipe my eyes.

So may not be able to get too much knitting done now, will have to see how much it swells and aches, etc. And no it doesn't help that I've done it before because I know it will take weeks to heal again. That's it. Time for very hot tea (nowhere near the kids) and lots (squillions, tons) of chocolate.

In knitting news from the past few days, s'n'b was great, ended up working on the baby's cardy and have since finished the right front. Further progress may be slow, good thing I made the 3 month old size..... Oh and I should be able to make the pompom still so at least I can get that finished.

So it's one step forward (managed a swim on the weekend, the first since breaking my toe) and two steps back (stupid elbow). Should be able to get back in the pool sooner with the elbow than the toe so that's a positive???

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