Monday, August 11, 2008

Loss of concentration

So, knitting when your mind is not quite on the job leads to frogging (ripping out what you have done). The Jayne's hat for my brother's friend was doing so well, the hat all complete, I worked out the placement of the earflaps and completed the first. Yesterday in a very rare moment of clarity (T gave me his cold) I realised that I had in fact placed the first earflap in the general vicinity of the wearers eye, which if I had knit in the round would not have mattered, but being a straight needles kind of girl, there is a seam and having it over your ear wasn't exactly the plan! So off we went into frog land, then I carefully worked out where the earflap was meant to be and finished both earflaps in short order. Just have to make the pompom and attach it and it is all done and will be winging it's way to it's new owner.

Finished the back of my friend T's baby's cardy and started work on one of the fronts, got to the main part of the body and realised that I had the starting tail at the centre front edge-bugger! The front bands are part of the body so they wouldn't be able to hide it so back to frog land we went. This time we paid attention when starting the knitting after the cast on and actually got it right. So now the right front band is done and the body is underway. It is a lovely quick knit even in 4ply (fingering weight) and using the alpaca is resulting in a beautifully soft cardy. J looked at it last night and decided that he might like a pair of socks made from alpaca, I'm not sure how robust they would be, might have to ask around. The baby is due to be born by Friday at the latest (the wonders of modern medicine!), so might be pushing it (sorry, bad pun) to have it done prior to it's birth but won't be able to visit for another week or two so should not have any problems at all.

Looks like Z is trying to fall asleep while watching the Olympic horse stuff so must go and keep him awake. S'n'b tomorrow looks like it will be the alpaca this week...lovely!

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