Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the life...

So this is the life, I'm sitting in the backyard in the sun writing this post with wireless broadband on the laptop (oh what joy), have the sunhat on but not the sunglasses (the screen is too hard to see!!) and a fresh hot cup of tea beside me....pure heaven. The baby is asleep (he catnaps it won't last long), the washing is on so no immediate need of housework (we will ignore the state of the kitchen...) and I get to peruse various blogs and write my own in peace without the bigger two kids around as it is Tuesday and they are in childcare for the day.

So, what has been happening on the knitting front you ask?
Well, I have photographed the bubblegum jacket

and the blue bamboo wool

Have not yet added the very pretty buttons to the blue silk but apart from that it is complete. Have finished the quilt that needs to be in Sydney by Friday so will send that off this afternoon before picking up the big boys (I know it isn't knitting but it has been consuming my knitting time) so needs to be counted! Have updated my ravelry stuff (hope that link does what I think it does, will check it later) and have even added some yarn to the ravelry stash, really need to photograph the lot, maybe the boys can help with that, they will have a ball! (pun intended :-) )

Had a bit of a dilemma this morning, do I start my 7 hats in 7 days or sew on the buttons for the blue silk at s'n'b today....and then I remembered that a friend will soon have a new baby (she probably hopes the sooner the better!) and for some reason I have managed to conveniently forget about it's needs right up until now (2 weeks before due date) so I suppose you could say I have a deadline of sorts and then of course I had to pick yarn. Now I know the mum in question does read my ramblings so there will be no piccies until it is finished and presented as otherwise where would the surprise be (Sorry T-no sneak peaks). But I can say I found in my stash three balls of 4ply alpaca that will make a fabulously warm little cardy for the new recruit, especially as said new recruit will be turning up while it is still winter and will be residing in a house that is officially "in the sticks" as far as Melbournites are concerned and therefore quite cool. So it should come in handy. The general opinion of the s'n'b'ers was that it looks lovely so far, all 12 rows of band and 8 rows of back and it certainly knits up beautifully. I will take progress shots, but as I said before won't display them until later. Of course this means the 7 hats will just have to wait. Have found the 7 contenders from amongst the stash so now it's just about timing.

Still have to find a new source of labels for the shop-just haven't got to it yet-the ones I have already are ok for some things I have in the shop stash, but too big for in the neckline of such small garments, so I need to look for someone who shrinks text to fit a specific size label. This won't be very hard and should in fact be the next thing I do after this post, as long as baby T doesn't wake and lets his mum do more stuff!!!

The clouds have gathered and the wind has picked up so I may just go back inside now. It was a lovely change to be out while doing this I may have to do it more often!!!

Hope all is well for everyone out there, catch you around.

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