Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday

It's Friday and the in-laws are in Noosa so neither of the big kids are going for a visit this arvo. Makes for a busy day, may have to have running races in the backyard (them, not me!!!). Busy weekend coming up, Master H turns five on Monday and the party is on Sunday so it's time to blitz the house and tomorrow is cake making day, hopefully without too many "helpers".

On the knitting front: T's baby is still in utero, so she is killing time and I have finished the back front and 1.5 sleeves. I did have both sleeves done until I realised that the pattern didn't match last night and frogged it back to the armhole decrease (nothing worse than patterns that don't match). Once that is fixed it means left front, sewing together and neckband to go, so almost there.

Haven't had much time to knit this week, lots of other stuff going on including organising my labels for the shop, think I have finally found a good source that doesn't cost the earth, will keep you informed of the progress there. Still tweaking the website, not happy with how long the background takes to load so am playing with a few things there as well. It's all progressing, not as fast as I'd like but getting there.

So not much knitting happening this weekend unless I need a break from cleaning!!! Will see how we go :-)

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