Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching up

Hmmmm, a whole week, must have been busy :-) It's Friday again and time for a round up of what's been going on.

Last Saturday was filled with party preparations including making the cake and decorating it. I'm getting quicker at this stuff, cake done by 11pm this time, still didn't get to bed before midnight but that was other stuff and not cake!

Sunday was a lovely day, no rain, which was great as the kids got to play outside and find bags of hidden treasure (J loves party games and is in charge of the pass the parcel and any other such games), the birthday boy was in his element-centre of attention-and only needed to be reminded about the rules a couple of times when the excitement went to his head, a slight break from the proceedings was required at one point.
Knitting news: Managed to get some knitting done late in the evening after the visitors had departed, worked on the second front for T's baby's cardy.

Monday was H's birthday and he wore the crown that he received as a present at his party all day (King of the day!). It was also a Kinder day and we were on duty so we all packed up into the car and bought treats to share with the kinder kids to help celebrate H's birthday then we headed off to kinder to help the kids with their various tasks. Some were making constructions with boxes and sticky tape (H's favourite), some were weaving bits of ribbon through plastic lattice stuff (highly technical description that! Plastic gutter guard made of squares about 1cm across) and others were drawing and writing their names on invitations for their dads for a Father's Day event occurring at kinder next Wednesday. H had "Happy Birthday" sung for him and wore the kinder birthday hat and blew out the candles and then the crown went back on! He had a fabulous day and we were all tired when we got home. Lucky me had a massage that evening and in knitting news: finished knitting the second front of the cardy.

Tuesday is a childcare day in our house so after breakfast the older two were trundled off and I came home after picking up the backpack left at kinder the previous day and realised that I had missed my breakfast and was starving!
Knitting news: S'n'b was the order of the morning, so many people turned up I think I counted 13 adults and 4 kids! Sewing together T's baby's cardy was the order of the day (I really have to start naming the garments it would be easier to keep track of), stopped at Woolybutt on the way home to buy buttons, which are a perfect match, excellent.

Wednesday was just a busy day, lots of stuff to do around the house and lots of stuff to organise for everyone else, we finished the day with packing for a trip to the snow on Thursday.

Thursday was a trip to Lake Mountain to the snow with some friends (A+O+A), we went last year when the kids were a bit smaller so this year they will remember for themselves a bit better. Master T was very well behaved considering he was pretty much stuck in either the pram or the car for most of the day, poor little bugger he didn't even get to touch the snow!!! We made many snow castles with the buckets and spades (PS metal garden trowels work well in snow) and everyone took turns at squashing them with the toboggans, much fun was had in trying to steer into them and swiping them with hands on the way past if their aim wasn't too good. The kids all fell asleep in the car on the way home and were put straight into bed when we got home (6.30pm).

Knitting news: Sewed all but one button on in the car (had lost one down the side of my seat) and then had to have a turn at driving because the road was too bendy and I had been looking down and up and my stomache so did not agree with me! Talk about an early night I was in bed by 10pm as well. But not before I sewed on the last button and sat back and admired my handywork. Sorry only button pics just now as this is for a gift and I want to have the receiver see it first but then all will be shown! J was pretty impressed by the end result and he has seen all my stuff so that's pretty good.

Anyway today is a catch up day, lots of wet clothes to wash (does that seem odd to anyone else?), lots of playing in the sun to do (supposed to be 18degC today-oh what joy!)
Knitting news: Today is the day slated for working out gauge and dimensions for the 7 hats in 7 days and I am declaring Saturday will be the start of the challenge, birthday parties and other weekend stuff will just have to fit in around the knitting!!! Look out for updates on the hats over the next week, should be fun!

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Love the cake - is it your own design?