Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Blue Silk is done!

Well, when you can't cope with the movement of your elbow when knitting because you have been a dope then you must find other things to do with your I found the buttons for the blue silk and sewed them on! The first couple were a bit of a challenge, then I changed how I was sitting (removed the child from my lap!) and got the others on and man does it look good. So here's the whole cardy:

and here's a closeup of the cool are they???

Last night I decided that number one son needed some slippers for his birthday so traced his feet before he went to bed and had a look on ravelry for a pattern of some description (only found 434 matches to slippers!) but in the end got out the tricot needle (tunisian knitting) and winged it while watching the Olympics and waiting for T to wake up for his last feed of the day. So the base, sides and top are tricot and I finished the foot opening with three rounds of single crochet on a smaller hook each time and skipping one sc at each of the four "corners" to bring the edges in so that hopefully they won't fall off! Finished tying in the ends on both just as T woke. So that's two slippers in about 3.5 hours from scratch.

So saw a little basketball, a bit of diving, and T woke up just in time for me to sit down and start feeding him and watch the mens 100m sprint. MAN-O-MAN did Bolt sprint, well at least for the first half and then he slowed down!!!!!!! Before he hit the finish line. Talk about leaving the punters wondering about just how fast he can go, he broke the world record pretty much without trying that hard, clever really, he can just keep breaking it whenever he wants now.

Will see if I can get some knitting in today, elbow and children and weekend stuff allowing, and see if I can put a bigger dent in T's baby's cardy. Need to cast on for the left front now.

Have a great Sunday!

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Lynne said...

Those slippers are just the ticket for keeping little people's feet warm! well done!