Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #2

Well we are going pretty well at this stage, the end of day 2 sees hat #1 sewn together

hat #2 is finished and sewn together (stats: Cleckheaton Tapestry, 8 ply, multicoloured 100% wool)

hat #3 was started and discarded because it just felt too hard in my hands and I wouldn't put it on a baby's head so I stopped knitting it, here's where I stopped...

and hat #3 (attempt 2) is underway and feels much nicer in the hand

Are the rules being observed you ask??? Well yes, the dishes were done last night and the children have been fed appropriately, the nappies had to be rescued from the washing line today when the black threatening clouds upended on top of our house (that's them on their way to dump on someone else's house)

The nappies are now drying inside and I still have a couple of hours to do today's round of kitchen or to send J in to do it :-) (there's the power of wishful thinking, J just went into the kitchen and started while I was uploading the pics and I haven't said a thing !!!)

Haven't just been knitting, spent some time outside today with the kids, T had a ball actually crawling around in the backyard this morning, he still doesn't crawl inside, the bum scoot is more efficient, but outside the bum scoot doesn't work. Little does he know how much time he is going to be spending crawling around outside in the next few weeks especially as it warms up a little. Found some surprises amongst the weeds, will show and tell tomorrow.

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sue said...

Nice hats. I really like the color of the Tapestry yarn you used too. I think those clouds visited our house a few times yesterday too.