Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #1

Managed to get all the planning and calculating of gauge and sizes out of the way last night so today when I had a spare moment (swimming and birthday party in the morning, the boys were painting cardboard trucks this arvo) I cast on the 81sts required for the first hat. 2.5 hours of knitting (4 hours of actual time) later and the first hat is off the needles and ready to be sewn together. I have toyed with the idea of knitting on circulars or DPN's (double pointed needles) but I sort of like having the seam so you know which is the back and the front and I don't have any bamboo ones and I am so converted to bamboo needles now I don't think I can go back.....
So the first hat unsewn looks like

and if you haven't worked out by now that there is a fair chance that all the hats will be small and therefore I will probably make it easily in seven days , I decided to set some Rules of Engagement.
Rule #1: The seven hats must comprise 2 of prem size, 2 of newborn size, 2 of 3 month old size and a hat for J (i.e. full blown male adult head size!!!)
Rule #2: In the interests of keeping our home on track, a load of washing must be washed every day if there is one to do (there generally is especially if you include nappies, towels and sheets)
Rule #3:The dishes must be completely done by the end of the day (now in most houses this wouldn't be an issue but lets just say there is a long time loathing between me and dishes and it doesn't look like moving on any time soon!)
Rule #4: The children must get their usual meals (no take out except for the usual chicken and chips on a Tuesday) but J and I can fend for ourselves.

So there you have it, the first hat and the rules and now I am off to watch some Eureka with J and enjoy a cup of tea and do some more knitting before the baby wakes again.

Oh and for those that like the details, Merino Bambino 4 ply knit double on 4mm needles, my own pattern.

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Tiggy Johnson said...

Rules 2 and 3...lucky it's only for one week ;-)