Sunday, August 31, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #2

Well we are going pretty well at this stage, the end of day 2 sees hat #1 sewn together

hat #2 is finished and sewn together (stats: Cleckheaton Tapestry, 8 ply, multicoloured 100% wool)

hat #3 was started and discarded because it just felt too hard in my hands and I wouldn't put it on a baby's head so I stopped knitting it, here's where I stopped...

and hat #3 (attempt 2) is underway and feels much nicer in the hand

Are the rules being observed you ask??? Well yes, the dishes were done last night and the children have been fed appropriately, the nappies had to be rescued from the washing line today when the black threatening clouds upended on top of our house (that's them on their way to dump on someone else's house)

The nappies are now drying inside and I still have a couple of hours to do today's round of kitchen or to send J in to do it :-) (there's the power of wishful thinking, J just went into the kitchen and started while I was uploading the pics and I haven't said a thing !!!)

Haven't just been knitting, spent some time outside today with the kids, T had a ball actually crawling around in the backyard this morning, he still doesn't crawl inside, the bum scoot is more efficient, but outside the bum scoot doesn't work. Little does he know how much time he is going to be spending crawling around outside in the next few weeks especially as it warms up a little. Found some surprises amongst the weeds, will show and tell tomorrow.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

7 Hats in 7 days: Day #1

Managed to get all the planning and calculating of gauge and sizes out of the way last night so today when I had a spare moment (swimming and birthday party in the morning, the boys were painting cardboard trucks this arvo) I cast on the 81sts required for the first hat. 2.5 hours of knitting (4 hours of actual time) later and the first hat is off the needles and ready to be sewn together. I have toyed with the idea of knitting on circulars or DPN's (double pointed needles) but I sort of like having the seam so you know which is the back and the front and I don't have any bamboo ones and I am so converted to bamboo needles now I don't think I can go back.....
So the first hat unsewn looks like

and if you haven't worked out by now that there is a fair chance that all the hats will be small and therefore I will probably make it easily in seven days , I decided to set some Rules of Engagement.
Rule #1: The seven hats must comprise 2 of prem size, 2 of newborn size, 2 of 3 month old size and a hat for J (i.e. full blown male adult head size!!!)
Rule #2: In the interests of keeping our home on track, a load of washing must be washed every day if there is one to do (there generally is especially if you include nappies, towels and sheets)
Rule #3:The dishes must be completely done by the end of the day (now in most houses this wouldn't be an issue but lets just say there is a long time loathing between me and dishes and it doesn't look like moving on any time soon!)
Rule #4: The children must get their usual meals (no take out except for the usual chicken and chips on a Tuesday) but J and I can fend for ourselves.

So there you have it, the first hat and the rules and now I am off to watch some Eureka with J and enjoy a cup of tea and do some more knitting before the baby wakes again.

Oh and for those that like the details, Merino Bambino 4 ply knit double on 4mm needles, my own pattern.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Catching up

Hmmmm, a whole week, must have been busy :-) It's Friday again and time for a round up of what's been going on.

Last Saturday was filled with party preparations including making the cake and decorating it. I'm getting quicker at this stuff, cake done by 11pm this time, still didn't get to bed before midnight but that was other stuff and not cake!

Sunday was a lovely day, no rain, which was great as the kids got to play outside and find bags of hidden treasure (J loves party games and is in charge of the pass the parcel and any other such games), the birthday boy was in his element-centre of attention-and only needed to be reminded about the rules a couple of times when the excitement went to his head, a slight break from the proceedings was required at one point.
Knitting news: Managed to get some knitting done late in the evening after the visitors had departed, worked on the second front for T's baby's cardy.

Monday was H's birthday and he wore the crown that he received as a present at his party all day (King of the day!). It was also a Kinder day and we were on duty so we all packed up into the car and bought treats to share with the kinder kids to help celebrate H's birthday then we headed off to kinder to help the kids with their various tasks. Some were making constructions with boxes and sticky tape (H's favourite), some were weaving bits of ribbon through plastic lattice stuff (highly technical description that! Plastic gutter guard made of squares about 1cm across) and others were drawing and writing their names on invitations for their dads for a Father's Day event occurring at kinder next Wednesday. H had "Happy Birthday" sung for him and wore the kinder birthday hat and blew out the candles and then the crown went back on! He had a fabulous day and we were all tired when we got home. Lucky me had a massage that evening and in knitting news: finished knitting the second front of the cardy.

Tuesday is a childcare day in our house so after breakfast the older two were trundled off and I came home after picking up the backpack left at kinder the previous day and realised that I had missed my breakfast and was starving!
Knitting news: S'n'b was the order of the morning, so many people turned up I think I counted 13 adults and 4 kids! Sewing together T's baby's cardy was the order of the day (I really have to start naming the garments it would be easier to keep track of), stopped at Woolybutt on the way home to buy buttons, which are a perfect match, excellent.

Wednesday was just a busy day, lots of stuff to do around the house and lots of stuff to organise for everyone else, we finished the day with packing for a trip to the snow on Thursday.

Thursday was a trip to Lake Mountain to the snow with some friends (A+O+A), we went last year when the kids were a bit smaller so this year they will remember for themselves a bit better. Master T was very well behaved considering he was pretty much stuck in either the pram or the car for most of the day, poor little bugger he didn't even get to touch the snow!!! We made many snow castles with the buckets and spades (PS metal garden trowels work well in snow) and everyone took turns at squashing them with the toboggans, much fun was had in trying to steer into them and swiping them with hands on the way past if their aim wasn't too good. The kids all fell asleep in the car on the way home and were put straight into bed when we got home (6.30pm).

Knitting news: Sewed all but one button on in the car (had lost one down the side of my seat) and then had to have a turn at driving because the road was too bendy and I had been looking down and up and my stomache so did not agree with me! Talk about an early night I was in bed by 10pm as well. But not before I sewed on the last button and sat back and admired my handywork. Sorry only button pics just now as this is for a gift and I want to have the receiver see it first but then all will be shown! J was pretty impressed by the end result and he has seen all my stuff so that's pretty good.

Anyway today is a catch up day, lots of wet clothes to wash (does that seem odd to anyone else?), lots of playing in the sun to do (supposed to be 18degC today-oh what joy!)
Knitting news: Today is the day slated for working out gauge and dimensions for the 7 hats in 7 days and I am declaring Saturday will be the start of the challenge, birthday parties and other weekend stuff will just have to fit in around the knitting!!! Look out for updates on the hats over the next week, should be fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday

It's Friday and the in-laws are in Noosa so neither of the big kids are going for a visit this arvo. Makes for a busy day, may have to have running races in the backyard (them, not me!!!). Busy weekend coming up, Master H turns five on Monday and the party is on Sunday so it's time to blitz the house and tomorrow is cake making day, hopefully without too many "helpers".

On the knitting front: T's baby is still in utero, so she is killing time and I have finished the back front and 1.5 sleeves. I did have both sleeves done until I realised that the pattern didn't match last night and frogged it back to the armhole decrease (nothing worse than patterns that don't match). Once that is fixed it means left front, sewing together and neckband to go, so almost there.

Haven't had much time to knit this week, lots of other stuff going on including organising my labels for the shop, think I have finally found a good source that doesn't cost the earth, will keep you informed of the progress there. Still tweaking the website, not happy with how long the background takes to load so am playing with a few things there as well. It's all progressing, not as fast as I'd like but getting there.

So not much knitting happening this weekend unless I need a break from cleaning!!! Will see how we go :-)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Blue Silk is done!

Well, when you can't cope with the movement of your elbow when knitting because you have been a dope then you must find other things to do with your I found the buttons for the blue silk and sewed them on! The first couple were a bit of a challenge, then I changed how I was sitting (removed the child from my lap!) and got the others on and man does it look good. So here's the whole cardy:

and here's a closeup of the cool are they???

Last night I decided that number one son needed some slippers for his birthday so traced his feet before he went to bed and had a look on ravelry for a pattern of some description (only found 434 matches to slippers!) but in the end got out the tricot needle (tunisian knitting) and winged it while watching the Olympics and waiting for T to wake up for his last feed of the day. So the base, sides and top are tricot and I finished the foot opening with three rounds of single crochet on a smaller hook each time and skipping one sc at each of the four "corners" to bring the edges in so that hopefully they won't fall off! Finished tying in the ends on both just as T woke. So that's two slippers in about 3.5 hours from scratch.

So saw a little basketball, a bit of diving, and T woke up just in time for me to sit down and start feeding him and watch the mens 100m sprint. MAN-O-MAN did Bolt sprint, well at least for the first half and then he slowed down!!!!!!! Before he hit the finish line. Talk about leaving the punters wondering about just how fast he can go, he broke the world record pretty much without trying that hard, clever really, he can just keep breaking it whenever he wants now.

Will see if I can get some knitting in today, elbow and children and weekend stuff allowing, and see if I can put a bigger dent in T's baby's cardy. Need to cast on for the left front now.

Have a great Sunday!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jayne's hat #2

So I have finished the second "Jayne's Hat" this one for a friend of my brother, hence the girly colours!

Only had the pompom to go and binding in the ends, so now it is all done. Just need to get her address so I can send it off tomorrow for her.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So, can someone remove the hex????

I think I must have a hex over me. I am a person who has enjoyed reasonable health for my whole life but now, in the last 7 months I have been hit by all sorts of misfortune in the form of someone trying to tell me something?

You'd think you would be safe in your own home but apparently not me, no. I tripped over my own feet and the highchair all in one go whilst answering a call from the backyard for help from the "big boys". Thankfully they were ok just wanting to come inside but I had to catch my breath before getting to them. Oh and yes I dislocated and relocated my elbow again...hence the need to catch my breath and also wipe my eyes.

So may not be able to get too much knitting done now, will have to see how much it swells and aches, etc. And no it doesn't help that I've done it before because I know it will take weeks to heal again. That's it. Time for very hot tea (nowhere near the kids) and lots (squillions, tons) of chocolate.

In knitting news from the past few days, s'n'b was great, ended up working on the baby's cardy and have since finished the right front. Further progress may be slow, good thing I made the 3 month old size..... Oh and I should be able to make the pompom still so at least I can get that finished.

So it's one step forward (managed a swim on the weekend, the first since breaking my toe) and two steps back (stupid elbow). Should be able to get back in the pool sooner with the elbow than the toe so that's a positive???

Monday, August 11, 2008

Loss of concentration

So, knitting when your mind is not quite on the job leads to frogging (ripping out what you have done). The Jayne's hat for my brother's friend was doing so well, the hat all complete, I worked out the placement of the earflaps and completed the first. Yesterday in a very rare moment of clarity (T gave me his cold) I realised that I had in fact placed the first earflap in the general vicinity of the wearers eye, which if I had knit in the round would not have mattered, but being a straight needles kind of girl, there is a seam and having it over your ear wasn't exactly the plan! So off we went into frog land, then I carefully worked out where the earflap was meant to be and finished both earflaps in short order. Just have to make the pompom and attach it and it is all done and will be winging it's way to it's new owner.

Finished the back of my friend T's baby's cardy and started work on one of the fronts, got to the main part of the body and realised that I had the starting tail at the centre front edge-bugger! The front bands are part of the body so they wouldn't be able to hide it so back to frog land we went. This time we paid attention when starting the knitting after the cast on and actually got it right. So now the right front band is done and the body is underway. It is a lovely quick knit even in 4ply (fingering weight) and using the alpaca is resulting in a beautifully soft cardy. J looked at it last night and decided that he might like a pair of socks made from alpaca, I'm not sure how robust they would be, might have to ask around. The baby is due to be born by Friday at the latest (the wonders of modern medicine!), so might be pushing it (sorry, bad pun) to have it done prior to it's birth but won't be able to visit for another week or two so should not have any problems at all.

Looks like Z is trying to fall asleep while watching the Olympic horse stuff so must go and keep him awake. S'n'b tomorrow looks like it will be the alpaca this week...lovely!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Welcome to the house of serious sleep deprivation!

Well that was a good start to the day...posting a title to the blog and no content!! Maybe you can guess the state of my awakeness/awareness!

I'm pretty sure J will be sleep walking at work today as he was up numerous times to H during the night and I was up at least 5 times to T who for some reason wouldn't stay asleep. Z climbed into our bed at about 5am and I didn't have the energy to take him back to his room so I had to climb over him to get out when T cried himself awake again at 6am. Finally gave up on it all at 6.40am and all five of us were up by 6.50am....way too early to start the day after what feels like no sleep during the night!

On to much nicer things....the boys and I photographed most of the stash yesterday

H wanted to have a green ball so the alpaca it was, and Z wanted purple and so got some more alpaca!! Good choices boys!

Hopefully I will be able to get some of the pictures onto Ravelry in my stash section so I can keep track of it all a little easier.
It's not the world's biggest stash but it is growing....
Not sure how much time there will be today for stash updating...maybe while they are eating lunch.
Am half way up the back of the baby's cardy, it is looking good!

P.S. T was awake when I went back inside the other day so I didn't get to the labels and still haven't. Must get to that soon.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the life...

So this is the life, I'm sitting in the backyard in the sun writing this post with wireless broadband on the laptop (oh what joy), have the sunhat on but not the sunglasses (the screen is too hard to see!!) and a fresh hot cup of tea beside me....pure heaven. The baby is asleep (he catnaps it won't last long), the washing is on so no immediate need of housework (we will ignore the state of the kitchen...) and I get to peruse various blogs and write my own in peace without the bigger two kids around as it is Tuesday and they are in childcare for the day.

So, what has been happening on the knitting front you ask?
Well, I have photographed the bubblegum jacket

and the blue bamboo wool

Have not yet added the very pretty buttons to the blue silk but apart from that it is complete. Have finished the quilt that needs to be in Sydney by Friday so will send that off this afternoon before picking up the big boys (I know it isn't knitting but it has been consuming my knitting time) so needs to be counted! Have updated my ravelry stuff (hope that link does what I think it does, will check it later) and have even added some yarn to the ravelry stash, really need to photograph the lot, maybe the boys can help with that, they will have a ball! (pun intended :-) )

Had a bit of a dilemma this morning, do I start my 7 hats in 7 days or sew on the buttons for the blue silk at s'n'b today....and then I remembered that a friend will soon have a new baby (she probably hopes the sooner the better!) and for some reason I have managed to conveniently forget about it's needs right up until now (2 weeks before due date) so I suppose you could say I have a deadline of sorts and then of course I had to pick yarn. Now I know the mum in question does read my ramblings so there will be no piccies until it is finished and presented as otherwise where would the surprise be (Sorry T-no sneak peaks). But I can say I found in my stash three balls of 4ply alpaca that will make a fabulously warm little cardy for the new recruit, especially as said new recruit will be turning up while it is still winter and will be residing in a house that is officially "in the sticks" as far as Melbournites are concerned and therefore quite cool. So it should come in handy. The general opinion of the s'n'b'ers was that it looks lovely so far, all 12 rows of band and 8 rows of back and it certainly knits up beautifully. I will take progress shots, but as I said before won't display them until later. Of course this means the 7 hats will just have to wait. Have found the 7 contenders from amongst the stash so now it's just about timing.

Still have to find a new source of labels for the shop-just haven't got to it yet-the ones I have already are ok for some things I have in the shop stash, but too big for in the neckline of such small garments, so I need to look for someone who shrinks text to fit a specific size label. This won't be very hard and should in fact be the next thing I do after this post, as long as baby T doesn't wake and lets his mum do more stuff!!!

The clouds have gathered and the wind has picked up so I may just go back inside now. It was a lovely change to be out while doing this I may have to do it more often!!!

Hope all is well for everyone out there, catch you around.