Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Too tempting to pass up...

Well eventually decided to sew at the s'n'b event on Tuesday and worked on the blue silk as that was what I started there last time. It was a lovely bit of morning diversion, I think it might be just a little too conveniently located to Woolybutt though as I stopped in to see Lorraine on the way home to get some buttons but was waylaid by some lovely Karaoke soysilk/wool rainbow coloured yarn........
Next Tuesday I might have to go straight home without visiting Lorraine or I might get myself into some more rainbow coloured trouble!!!
Took the Karaoke with me when I picked up the boys after their day at childcare (my sanity saver time!) and tried to cast on while they ate their chicken and chip dinner and watched the trains at the station go past (peak hour has lots of trains to amuse eating children). Cast on did not go well-twice I managed to "tear" the yarn. I think my cast on unwinds the yarn thus weakening it-bugger. When we got home I sorted the boys and then once their dad and D had arrived and C turned up as well I ignored everyone and concentrated on tightening the twist of the yarn every couple of stitches so that I could get all 63 stitches onto the needles without breaking it again. Success!! Took a break for cooking dinner and then when it was at the conversation portion of the evening, knitted! Finished knitting the little hat just before T woke for his final feed for the day-brilliant timing!! Sewed it together this morning with Z's help (Z crawling all over me and saying "that's pretty mum") and then he helped with posing it!
This is only half of the ball and the other half has other colours so I will have to knit one with the other half just to see the difference. To give an idea of size, master Z just turned 3 on the weekend so they are small hands holding that hat, think appropriate size for newborn up to 3 monthish size, so quite small and oh so quick to knit, and gorgeous to touch!!!
So, one more for the shop and can't wait to have the excuse to knit the other half of that ball of yarn. T might even end up with one from this yarn, will have to measure his head first though so I get it right. My other life is insisting on intruding and I have a small quilt to make by the 8th of August so less knitting for a few days I think. Oh well won't be long!

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