Saturday, July 5, 2008


So there hasn't been much knitting in the last few days despite needing my foot up because I broke my little toe because I have been working on my website instead. Am pretty happy with how it is looking in general, can't quite decide on a final setup for the banner design, will have to get some advice from my design guru. Have to check out a few other websites to make sure I put stuff in a similar place so that people can find it, stuff like Contact Us, Feedback, Privacy info and other things like that. It is definitely getting there and I am glad I made the change to Dreamweaver because even though I am learning my third set of website construction software it looks like this one is the choice one! I'm sure I will have trouble at some point but thus far everything I have tried to get working has worked and relatively easily.
Back to knitting-the blue silk ...back is finished, right front is finished and I can't decide whether to have a wool join in the left front about 2/3 of the way up or keep that bit of silk for the collar and start the piece again so that it is completed from a single strand of yarn. I probably will start it again and had help winding my second skein into a ball on Thursday night so I can get onto that once I have had enough of website construction again. Then there is just the sleeves and collar and it is ready to go, oh and sewing it together and buttons.......
Still waiting for my labels to come, will have to contact the manufacturer on Monday and see what is going on. Purchased all of the paper/envelopes/folders, etc that I will need to run things with on Tuesday. All of it is made from recycled sources or renewable ones wherever possible. Need to sort out the stickers too....hmmm there seems to be a lot of things to do still will it ever get there???

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