Monday, July 21, 2008

To dive or not to dive.....

Have finished the last piece of the bubblegum jacket while watching Alias on DVD this evening with J. Just have to sew it together now, just! It has knit up so beautifully, so thick and lush feeling, will have to knit with this yarn again and soon!!! Will add photos of the finished product in the next couple of days, once it is complete.
Have a s'n'b event tomorrow so I am debating as to whether to take any of the now three cardy's which are needing sewing together or to start something new...feeling the need for something strongly coloured, will have to go stash diving to find something interesting I think.
Have finalised the layout and design of the website and have some choices to make for stationery for the shop, my design guru dropped by today and played on the computer while I entertained one small child with balloons being moved by ducted heating, and played almost hide and seek with another who kept having fits of giggles when I pretended he couldn't be seen even though both he and I knew he could.

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