Saturday, July 19, 2008

Bubblegum jacket progress

Progress on the knitting front: the bubblegum jacket has the back, one front and one sleeve done and I have started on the other sleeve. The last piece will take a little thinking as I effectively will knit back-to-front to avoid having a wool end at the edge of the front band. Knitting "back-to-front" for me: the first row starts with a purl instead of a knit and this means having to keep track of the stitch count and pattern a little more closely so that I don't accidentally add an extra couple of rows or stitches.
Also had a delivery of yarn from Michelle at A Stranded Yarn, ordered some hemp twine (see here) and some silk (see here), the hemp twine I was going to use for a hat but I think it will need to be double knit with some wool or cotton to soften it a little as the test swatch on 4mm needles came out quite "rough" or "coarse", great for a wash cloth for an adult but not so great and not much give for a hat.
Might use the silk, as suggested, for a blanket of some description. Don't know that I would use it for a baby jumper, it feels a little rough, will see how it knits up.
Z's birthday today, finished the cake last night, have more organising to do so off I go!!

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