Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mental moment

So, was having a big mental moment last night after going swimming to see if I could with a broken toe (not worth doing-complete waste of time), had stopped for chocolate and ice cream and other tasty treats on the way home to improve my mood-none of which worked particularly well, although the expensive dried strawberries that taste like jam were fantastic!. Needed to knit to settle my soul but wasn't anywhere near the right frame of mind to finish the blue silk or the bamboo wool, needed the mindless repetition and soothing-ness of habit. Decided the only thing for it was to start knitting something new in a beautiful yarn with my favourite and longtime standby pattern. So out came the Sublime cashmere/silk/merino and the bubblegum jacket pattern. Pattern (5ply) and yarn (8ply) don't match but that is easy fixed these days and off I went: cast on-all good, 1st row-excellent, 2nd row-swearing errupted! I do work from the centre of the ball so that the ball doesn't go rolling everywhere so maybe if I worked from the outside in I wouldn't have cared so much but there it was, yet another thing to be cranky about.....a knot!! Now for some people the only comment here would be "Big Deal" but not for me and not last night. At $12.95 a ball I expect more. I expect that my ball will be one continuous strand-NO KNOTS!!! Maybe I am expecting too much but I don't think so. And besides which I was trying to settle my mind not antagonise it!!! So I pulled the needles out and started again: cast on-all good, 1st row-excellent, 2nd row-NO KNOTS!!!, 3rd row-eyes started drooping, a great tiredness had descended packed everything up and went to bed. Rather anti climactic (?sp) in the scheme of things but now I am looking forward to the knitting.....and still ignoring the bamboo/wool and the silk!! ooops :-) Special mention to J for the hug, the not trying to solve it, for sharing the chocolate but not eating it all and for being in agreement that knots are not on!!!

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