Thursday, July 24, 2008

Change of plan

After looking at the setup of my blog and realising that very, very quickly there will be pictures from here to eternity if I keep posting them in a sidebar, I have decided to incorporate them inside the blog entry instead. So to make sure I have everything present and accounted for this entry will have all of the pictures that have previously been posted to the side and from now on all new items will appear inside posts. Hope that is not too confusing...
So first things first: Jayne's hat.

Next: the pastel bamboo cardy.

then the lemon(ish) wash cloth (front and back) technically this one is tricot but another name for it is Tunisian Knitting so I figure it counts.

Next comes rainbow hat for shop #1

and lastly Rainbow hat for T begun yesterday around 3.30 pm and finished, including sewing, at about 10.30pm with the usual breaks for dinner for kids and myself and kids' bedtimes and every other thing that happens in an evening when there are three kids and dad is out for the evening at boys night. Not a bad effort really even if I do say so myself!!!

and T posing with his new hat on. Oh so cute!!

I think that is everything now in the completed stakes. Will do more pics of the works in progress when I actually do something on them!

1 comment:

Lynne said...

I love the little hats - what yarn was that?

And the photo of T was soooooo cute!