Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Blue silk, The website, my labels and the broken toe

So, the blue silk is almost done, back, two fronts and two sleeves complete, two front bands knitted and sewing together now in progress before I can do the neckband. Have to remember to give the next cardy garter stitch bands as I am a bit over knitting ribbed bands. Forgot that I had the tricot hook out last weekend and made a wash cloth in a beautiful gooseberry cotton/bamboo mix. Have crocheted around the edge to help it stay flat. Looks quite pretty, will take a photo in a mo and post it shortly. Still want to make more balls, tricot is my next plan, nicely dense "fabric" so stuffing won't explode everywhere!!! Have looked at the "store" contents and have decided I need more colours, there seems to be more blues and pinks than I remembered so might have to see if I can find some reds and oranges and greens in my stash to knit up next. Also need some hats. Must have brightly coloured hats!!!

Have finally resolved some of the website problems by doing the change to Dreamweaver but the remaining problems are all hosting issues and am tempted to move my hosting as there is always yet another thing that doesn't work properly and takes weeks to change or not to change that is the question.

Received my labels to sew in my knitting during the week and am quite disappointed as they are about twice the length I was expecting. They will do for balls, washcloths, etc but way too big for little cardy's hmmmmm more searching for labels coming up I suppose. Bugger.

The broken toe still feels dodgy, wore real shoes for the first time yesterday and won't be doing that again for another week or so because it has started to ache again and there is fresh bruising-oh so pretty-obviously the break isn't sealed yet. Will have to wear just socks or my Mary-Jane crocs for longer, they don't seem to bother the toe and provide a bit of safety from children standing tooooooo close!

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