Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekends away

Well we have just had the weekend away at mum's house in the country, it was her birthday so the whole crew turned up for a dinner out. It was a pretty relaxed evening....the kids were in need of constant reminders to get off the floor out of the way of the waiters but the waiters were amazingly tolerant and had been warned there were going to be 7 of the critters so must have been somewhat prepared for the invasion!!! The food was fabulous, don't think I have had a better piece of rib eye ever....enormous, on the bone and cooked to perfection, delectably moist and tender.....divine.
Can often get 2 hours of knitting in on the way to and from mum's but we went down Friday night so too dark to knit, but once we arrived and got settled out it came. Worked on the pastel bamboo cardy, have now finished the yoke and started on the neckband. Have about 3 rows of rib left and then castoff, then sewing the sleeves together and sewing in ends and adding buttons. Still haven't done the ends or buttons for the blue bamboo/wool but will have to get to it before I start the next thing or it will never happen. Definitely not a fan of "finishing". Probably won't get very far on my knitting today as I will need to catch up from being away for the weekend today. We'll see how we go.

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