Saturday, June 7, 2008

two on the go, one in the planning stages

So nothing new happening with getting the shop organised...surprise, surprise!! Have been finishing a bamboo/wool blue baby cardy-up to the neckband, then sewing in ends and adding buttons, then it is done. Also working on a 100% bamboo pastel multicoloured (cleckheaton) eensy weensy cardy, 2 sleeves half done, back and both fronts knitted as one until armpits then sleeves added in and all knitted in one go, currently about 3 cms long, needs to be 9 cm. Never tried this before, will see how we go. My brother has asked for a Jayne (from Firefly sci fi series) hat so looking for a yarn range that has a red, dark orange and dark yellow to make it with. Maybe Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, will have to see if I can find all three colours in a shop somewhere. Kids are going a bit crazy and their dad is dozing on the couch, might have to organise them into a bath to slow them down....bubbles or no bubbles that is the question!

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