Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the shop

So the two big kids are in childcare, the baby is asleep, hubby is at work and the washing is on....time to work on the shop. Now you think that would be easy but no, as I've just figured out, it's really easy when you have great broadband access at high speeds, not so great when you've been throttled from using too much internet!!!! So I keep getting timed out from my connection because we are running at approx. dial up speeds and the computer on the other end can't be stuffed! I can see this is going to be a very slow process, do I have the patience to persist today? Time will tell, either that or the baby will wake up and that will be the end of it for today (giggle).
Have joined the arms onto the body of the pastel cardy and the whole thing is on my circular needles, about 160 stitches in 4 ply, but decreasing by 4 every other line as I do the raglan decreases.
Finished knitting the blue bamboo/wool cardy it just needs ends sewn in and buttons on...must go and buy buttons later today once baby is up again.
Talked to my brother on the phone yesterday and had him looking at yarn on the internet to choose the colours and composition he wants for the Jayne's hat, ended up ordering from Biggan Design (Brisbane based) http://www.biggandesign.com/asp/index.asp looked at the full range and when you click on add item you end up with a list to the right where you can see all your colours together, very easy to play with and see how colours work together, we picked red earth, bright orange and saffron. Apparently the wool is machine washable at 30degC so my brother thought that might be easier than washing by hand, so the Jo Sharp got bypassed this time. Maybe I'll get some for a hat for hubby...
Washing machine has finished, must hang the towels out while there's a bit of a breeze and before the rain returns.

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