Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Had our snb event yesterday morning and between amusing and feeding the baby sewed on two buttons to finish the pastel multicoloured bamboo cardy-it is very pretty!!! (see picture in right column) Also had my first skein of silk wound into a ball with the help of one of the other ladies - a first having never wound a skein into a ball before! Cast on and managed all of three rows of the silk-it is beautiful to knit with, will have to be careful not to split the thread though.
The wool for the "Jayne's hat" for my brother has also arrived and I've just remembered he will be visiting this way on the weekend so will have to get moving, sidelining the silk, cast on the 83 stitches for the hat and did the orange section of the hat last night and got started on the yellow. It is knitting up quickly (8ply, two strands) so shouldn't take very long. (progress picture in right column)
Looks like I will be busy.....

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