Saturday, June 28, 2008

Jayne's hat

Finished the Jayne's hat for my brother this evening in time to hand it over this evening, not bad for less than 5 days work. Looks pretty good, will get a photo up of it soon. Now I can go back to the silk, oh and I should probably finish doing the sewing in and buttons on the blue bamboo/wool cardy. Feels good to get something done so quickly especially as I was too busy to do any yesterday at all. My brother is quite pleased, put the hat on and didn't take it off!! Was still wearing it when he left. Still waiting for issues to be resolved for the website, and my labels haven't arrived yet either. Small steps.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Had our snb event yesterday morning and between amusing and feeding the baby sewed on two buttons to finish the pastel multicoloured bamboo cardy-it is very pretty!!! (see picture in right column) Also had my first skein of silk wound into a ball with the help of one of the other ladies - a first having never wound a skein into a ball before! Cast on and managed all of three rows of the silk-it is beautiful to knit with, will have to be careful not to split the thread though.
The wool for the "Jayne's hat" for my brother has also arrived and I've just remembered he will be visiting this way on the weekend so will have to get moving, sidelining the silk, cast on the 83 stitches for the hat and did the orange section of the hat last night and got started on the yellow. It is knitting up quickly (8ply, two strands) so shouldn't take very long. (progress picture in right column)
Looks like I will be busy.....

Monday, June 23, 2008

and back again

Well so much for changing my website construction program, I just found out I would only be able to host at the other program's home so since I have already paid for hosting it looks like I'll have to stay with what I had before....Better news just in, one of the issues I have been having with setting up the shop portion of the website has now been resolved and a shop is now incorporated, yay for online help people who actually knew how the program worked and understood what I was trying to do! What problem is next? Uploading pictures, lets see how long that one takes!!! Any bets??
Knitting news...managed to do none over the weekend but have a s'n'b event tomorrow morning so will have a couple of hours dedicated to knitting, hooray!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Web site construction

Have given up on the original software for creating my website, too many things supposed to be included that weren't and not enough creative flexibility to create the site I want so I have changed to a new software program now hopefully I can upload the finished website easily......

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Progress and delays

Have ordered the labels for inside my garments, they should be here in a week or so. Bought buttons for both of the WIP's on Tuesday, they just need the ends sewn in and the buttons sewn on and they are done. The Jayne's hat is next for my brother and I really want to get started on something with the silk....mmmmmm. The website is being slow at the moment, can't decide whether to bail on the current program I am creating it in or not.....decisions, decisions. Busy weekend coming up, lots of events, not much in the way of knitting going to happen I think.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Weekends away

Well we have just had the weekend away at mum's house in the country, it was her birthday so the whole crew turned up for a dinner out. It was a pretty relaxed evening....the kids were in need of constant reminders to get off the floor out of the way of the waiters but the waiters were amazingly tolerant and had been warned there were going to be 7 of the critters so must have been somewhat prepared for the invasion!!! The food was fabulous, don't think I have had a better piece of rib eye ever....enormous, on the bone and cooked to perfection, delectably moist and tender.....divine.
Can often get 2 hours of knitting in on the way to and from mum's but we went down Friday night so too dark to knit, but once we arrived and got settled out it came. Worked on the pastel bamboo cardy, have now finished the yoke and started on the neckband. Have about 3 rows of rib left and then castoff, then sewing the sleeves together and sewing in ends and adding buttons. Still haven't done the ends or buttons for the blue bamboo/wool but will have to get to it before I start the next thing or it will never happen. Definitely not a fan of "finishing". Probably won't get very far on my knitting today as I will need to catch up from being away for the weekend today. We'll see how we go.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm so excited

I am so excited my delivery of wool from the Tapestry Craft sale has just arrived and the silk is just divine!!! Must go touch.....

the shop

So the two big kids are in childcare, the baby is asleep, hubby is at work and the washing is on....time to work on the shop. Now you think that would be easy but no, as I've just figured out, it's really easy when you have great broadband access at high speeds, not so great when you've been throttled from using too much internet!!!! So I keep getting timed out from my connection because we are running at approx. dial up speeds and the computer on the other end can't be stuffed! I can see this is going to be a very slow process, do I have the patience to persist today? Time will tell, either that or the baby will wake up and that will be the end of it for today (giggle).
Have joined the arms onto the body of the pastel cardy and the whole thing is on my circular needles, about 160 stitches in 4 ply, but decreasing by 4 every other line as I do the raglan decreases.
Finished knitting the blue bamboo/wool cardy it just needs ends sewn in and buttons on...must go and buy buttons later today once baby is up again.
Talked to my brother on the phone yesterday and had him looking at yarn on the internet to choose the colours and composition he wants for the Jayne's hat, ended up ordering from Biggan Design (Brisbane based) looked at the full range and when you click on add item you end up with a list to the right where you can see all your colours together, very easy to play with and see how colours work together, we picked red earth, bright orange and saffron. Apparently the wool is machine washable at 30degC so my brother thought that might be easier than washing by hand, so the Jo Sharp got bypassed this time. Maybe I'll get some for a hat for hubby...
Washing machine has finished, must hang the towels out while there's a bit of a breeze and before the rain returns.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

two on the go, one in the planning stages

So nothing new happening with getting the shop organised...surprise, surprise!! Have been finishing a bamboo/wool blue baby cardy-up to the neckband, then sewing in ends and adding buttons, then it is done. Also working on a 100% bamboo pastel multicoloured (cleckheaton) eensy weensy cardy, 2 sleeves half done, back and both fronts knitted as one until armpits then sleeves added in and all knitted in one go, currently about 3 cms long, needs to be 9 cm. Never tried this before, will see how we go. My brother has asked for a Jayne (from Firefly sci fi series) hat so looking for a yarn range that has a red, dark orange and dark yellow to make it with. Maybe Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran, will have to see if I can find all three colours in a shop somewhere. Kids are going a bit crazy and their dad is dozing on the couch, might have to organise them into a bath to slow them down....bubbles or no bubbles that is the question!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well as if I don't have enough to do, (3 kids, 2 cats, a husband and setting up an online shop to sell my handknits) I thought maybe blogging would help me keep track of my life......
I have been a diary writer since I was quite small and in this day and age (ooooh how old do I sound) blogging just seems to be the next logical step. So a year ago while pregnant with my third son I decided to start selling what I knit instead of just giving them away as gifts, especially as all of my usual recipients have pretty much stopped having kids. Then came the idea of setting up an online shop to sell them rather than putting them in shops and so we came to website construction and all the fun and games associated with that. The shop is not yet open although I do have some items complete and waiting to be sold. I still have too many things left to do so I suppose the first few posts here will be working through the remaining items to be completed, some stuff I should have done ages ago of course but oh well they will happen eventually. So what needs to be done???? Good photos for the banner, labels for the "clothes", bags/envelopes to post in, stickers for on bags/envelopes, maybe some tax advice for running the site.....oh and setting up the shop portion of the website. Still lots to do at this point really, should get moving on it.